SPOILER ALERT: Game of Thrones

Cercei with dark hair freaks me out. She looks old. Just in case you think I’m losing my mind, I’m talking about the actress behind the character. I can’t be the only one in the world who never bothers to learn actors’ names but call them by their most popular character. Anyhoo, Brienne is super hot in real life, which kinda distorts the character for me.

Well… on to the spoilers.

Alleged King- Slayer becomes Kin- Slayer, hopefully by next episode, then the shit really hits the political fan. Oh, and then religion comes in and messes everything up even more. It will be epic.

This season has seen less sex scenes probably as the producers try to catch up with the books’ plot before everyone gets tired of waiting for each season, do the unforgivable and read A Song of Ice and Fire.

Ice and Fire…mmmh. Perhaps the dragons kill the Whitewalkers before they reach King’s Landing. At least the one remaining.

And that last scene of the 4th episode…duh! What? Did everyone think they were eating the babies?  They aren’t savages, not like those dirty Wildlings!

And a case of the series not following the book plot. Robb’s wife was never killed in the book. She never went to the wedding. She would have had the heir to Winterfell. But she died on TV. Which means that Mr. Martin can’t kill off all the Starks. Especially since they are so hard to kill, even when they are almost decapitated. *wink wink

Arya is going to have a messed up life, Sansa is going to have a messed up life (that Petyr…bah). But seriously, Sansa should grow a pair. She’s just being used and she goes along with it. And she’ll discover people don’t die just coz you wish it. Tyrion ain’t going no where.

And Jaime is such a pitiful creature. On one hand, sis doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore, he can’t fight, and the one person who is completely loyal to him has just left and on the other…wait…

Samwell eventually has sex. Yup. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

There’s a lot of Theon’s story we see missing on TV, seems there are lines even GOT producers can’t cross. Rape and murder can be shown but not torture. Never torture. Btw, his male member was never cut off in the book. But his sis is something else, isn’t she? But she pales in comparison to his psycho uncles. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read the f’ing book.

And G.R.R.Martin. George. Darling. How about that next book? I really need to know if Daenerys becomes Khaleesi again. That’s all. Basically the extent of my curiosity.

P.S. I’m naming my first daughter Khaleesi, so the geeks can worship the ground she walks on and the ‘jocks’ are drawn in by her mystery. And she will have mystery, bucketloads.

By the end of the last book, things were really unravelling. For one, there might be a war if Cercei finds out what happened to her daughter. I think people who haven’t read the books miss the backstories and the reasons why the characters are the way they are.

And here I end till Monday, after Ep05 throws me into another spill all fit.


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