Scotland’s Jesus by Frankie Boyle

I’ve just reached halfway through his epic book and I feel compelled to recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor.

Firstly, I don’t even know what genre it falls under. Basically it is literary stand-up. Every chapter is a topical comedy routine. From politics to the British economy, TV to celebrities, the war on terror to the royals.

His intro is something else. He confesses to wanting to write a crime porno, but his publishers refused. Instead we have here a no-hold back comedy piece. With some major swearing. If you’ve never watched Frankie on stage, are easily offended or just bigoted, this book is not for you. He’s Scottish. Red haired, cursing, hates the world, ornery Scottish.

Keep the dictionary handy and a few tabloids, newspapers and media reels to reference if you aren’t up to speed on world events. Sex, Syria, X-Factor, the Queen and all the juicy bits in between.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving it anywhere a child, teenager or anyone you want to respect you can find it.


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