The Kenyan Bane

There are many distinctions between human beings; race, creed, class, sexual orientation. But amongst all these, therein lies tribe, Kenya’s bane.

The initiatives to bring Kenyans together, not divided by tribe, are as good as can be. But there are those who declare that people should denounce/eliminate/eradicate the tribe(not politicians, obviously, they don’t have the balls to make such a radical statement, but people on Twitter do).

They say that tribe serves no purpose in modern Kenya but to create trife amongst people.

Well, neither does religion. Isn’t that supposedly the solution to eliminate conflict in the Middle East and Asia, eliminate religion from the equation?

Tribe has a purpose, as do family. I’m not an anthropologist or sociologist, but I think technicality everyone in a tribe is a related to each other thus the trust, familiarity and physical similarities. And correct me if I’m wrong, but historically they all migrated into Kenya from the same place. Thus the need to band together; to survive; the us vs them mentality.

But in modern Kenya, such functions are no longer needed (although they tend to rise up when a community feels threatened REF: PEV 2007/8)

The tribe is your extended family and to want people to intentionally eliminate the things that make us different from one another is tantamount to murder.

The killing off of cultural similarities, of unity, what makes us different from the West and the Orient, what makes us Kenyan and African, of what makes us us.

Personally tribe means nothing to me coz I can’t tell where people come from from their names or face, it’s a blessing. And it shouldn’t matter either way. If you come from a different place than me, then I look forward to learning from you. I do not align myself to presidential candidates according to my tribe (although the one we have now is a blithering idiot and should retire while the getting’s good) but I align myself to what they can do for me, how they make my present and future and those of my descendents worth living.

Tribalism is a form of racism and if you practice it you are no better than Hilter.


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  1. jamesrigha says:

    You tell the truth well, you should get this published

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