Triskaidekaphobia Sufferers Unite!

Today is the first day of the year 2013, and you’d think with the number 13 featuring dominantly in the figure, people would be having grave misgivings about the new year.

But no, everyone’s all sunshine and rainbows (except in Nairobi, where it’s raining cats and dogs…which, by the way, is an overused expression. Can’t we have something else? Like ‘raining frogs and fish’ (which can actually happen) or even something like ‘raining angels’ tears’ or anything else under the sun! What’s this morbid fascination with pets falling to their death?…but i digress).

But seriously, people have this illogical fear of the number 13 with most buildings not having a 13th floor…or planes with a 13th row. But come on, guys sitting on the 14th row, you know what row you are really sitting on.

Personally I think numerology is bollocks and seeing meanings in numbers takes a special kind of crazy. And considering that the origins of the fear are shaky at best, people still avoid the number at all costs.

But hey, it takes all sorts. And I love me some crazies.

So here’s to the new year without sprained ankles, released sex tapes, getting pants’d, appearances on World’s Dumbest and all other unlucky events that could befall you.


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