Why the World Should End

People who refuse to share knowledge, sheng, terrorists, Snooki, weapons of every sort, BieberFever, corruption, that one guy in every horror movie who makes things worse, Toddlers and Tiaras, people who destroy the English language, fur, chauvinists, The Only Way is Essex, poachers, movies with horrid scripts, giant squid, bigots,  children not related to me, Expendables 2, @RobertAlai , religious discrimination, extinction of animals, MTV, ants, The Matrix Trilogy, motivational speakers, movies with predictable plots, people who kill other people for the silliest of reasons, Jonas Brothers, racists, Billy from Grim Adventures, Sister Wives, people who think God is to blame for everything good and bad in their lives, awesome bands breaking up, sports, goat cheese, fatalists, Uganda, those moments when you find a movie has been made after reading an exceedingly boring book, ManU fans, sharks, UhuRuto, sandals, pawpaw, 2Chainz, pretentious folk, ignorance, Spanish omelets, Kardashians, balding men, Kenyan people who come back with an American accent, arrogant people, spouse beaters, those moments when internet goes down, most Kenyan music, Roots,  Dr. Spencer of CSI  New York, pedophiles, environment degradation, Lindsay Lohan, vampire movies, epidemics, genocides, gay bashers, poetry, daft people, psychological horror movies, tribalists, Honey Boo Boo and paper cuts.


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