The Family Tree (Canine Edition)

Before I was born, I hear my family lived in Tudor (where I hear one of my sisters fell of a 2nd floor balcony and didn’t break a thing (We Katisyas are made of hardy stuff), but my mum categorically denies this story).

But when they moved to South Nyali (it does too exist!) it was a bigger compound and they got a dog called Simba.

Oh, could they be more predictable?

I hear Simba was the guard  dog from hell. Did his own thing, when he wanted, how he wanted and still came home for dinner. But at least he was friendly.

I think that’s why they got Rasha next. Alsatian, disciplined and mean, a perfect guard dog.

Then I came along (yes, the world does revolve around me). Rasha stayed with us for a long time till we got that hussy. I forget what her name was, the bitch.

Such hostility is warranted because Rasha ran away with her and she left behind 7 puppies.

Which was quite serendipitous as we were 7 kids.

And I have no idea why we decided to name them after the characters of Aladdin but there was Aladdin, Jasmine (who was a boy…we hadn’t exactly figured out how to differentiate between boy and girl pups), Sultan, Raj, Igor, Genie and Abu (female, who was mine).

Needless to say, there was no need to keep 7 dogs in an urban household, so 6 of them were sent away and Abu remained (duh).

Of those who left, I hear Jasmine ended up on a farm, became rather wild and had to be put down coz he killed livestock. Sultan and Raj (the black beauties) succumbed to bee stings after stirring up a nest. Needless to say, I cried for each of the dogs who didn’t live to their full potential.

So Abu, the matriarch. She was black and white, but retained a rather slender frame throughout her life, graceful.  She had the next generation of puppies. But of all of them Mulan survived the longest.

Mulan, my dear sweet Mulan.

He was jet black with white socks, white eyebrows and a little white patch above his nose.

Yes, I know Mulan is a girl’s name. But I was making a point; holding a silent protest over not being taken to watch Mulan, the Disney movie at the cinema. It was kinda effective, coz I got the movie on video (VCR) a while later.

With Mulan, there was another dog called Middy because she was born on Idd at midnight. We were always allowed to stay up late to watch for the babies (and that parents, is how you teach kids where life comes from).

Middy then had a son called Juan (I used to catch a lot of telenovellas).

Mulan was the last dog I had any real connection to, as the dogs that followed were acquired after I left for boarding school. And he was….wait for it…wait for it…LEGENDARY!!

He climbed trees, fought with our neighbours Dobermans and Bulldogs, he killed monitor lizards, he had been bitten by snakes, he loved bananas and mangoes, he loved bread with jam (he would literally snub plain bread). He was the best dog a girl could ever have.

He was 11 years old when he died. I was in high school when my Mum came and told me the news. And I couldn’t even attend his funeral.

Mulan, you are sorely missed, always and forever.


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