And There She Goes!

Oh, but it wasn’t only me who had epic experiences on those bikes.

Now this I barely remember, maybe coz I was younger than 7 (but the story has been kept very much alive) and my sis was in her teens…..hahaha, teens, heading towards her 40s now…my my, aren’t we an old bunch.

We had a dog called Rasha (sp) and he was a mean son of a bitch (and that’s a fact). He didn’t let anyone touch him. He was the Boss Dawg.

I remember once we had Korean neighbours and one of the kids was called Henry (I think, although it is an anti-climatic name for a Korean infused story…such is life). Anyway, Henry was like 5 years old when he bit me. Why? Because Rasha bit him (kid justice, an eye for an eye).

Rasha had been with us since before I was born (and a more momentous occasion there has never been). There are many stories about before I was born and since I’m totally conceited, what do I care?

Wait…what was I talking about?

Ah, yes, Rasha and the big bang…hehe.

On this particularly fine day, as is common in Mombasa, she rode up in anticipation of the thrilling rush of riding a brake-less bike downhill, jump over a bump and take a quick turn. But it was not to be thus.

The downhill free-fall went fine. The bump, yes. But when it came to the bend, which would be best described as blind, she met an unexpected obstacle i.e. Rasha.

Dogs, with all their supposed intelligence, especially Alsatians, which Rasha was, you’d think they’d understand humans better and get out of the bloody way.

But it was not to be.

She hit Rasha, head over bars and into the uncovered man-hole that had been waiting all it’s  life for a moment such as this.


But alas there is no physical evidence to support this, I can only express the absurdity of this story and why is has been carefully carved out in stone never to be forgotten.

Disclaimer; None of the characters of this story were seriously injured, but only suffered minor bumps and bruises, and a lifetime of ribbing by callous siblings.

Rasha wasn’t traumatized in any way, well, we couldn’t tell, coz you know, no one could touch him.


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