My Thoughts on Religion

You know what we should have? A To-Go-Ko, a combined Torah, Gospel and Koran , you know, so we can all have a bit of something. Generally, I think it is the same religion under different names.

Religion is a meme; a similar thought that originates from the mind of individuals, although separated by distance, language, culture.

First the Jews, then Christians, then Muslims. They all agree on certain points;

    1. The human race originates from Adam and Eve
    2. Both the Koran and the Bible draw a lot from the Torah and refer to it constantly, acknowledging it’s existence and importance.
    3. They all believe in One Supreme Being, Creator of All, but known by different names.
    4. They all accept Jesus existed, although Judaism and Islam don’t agree that he was the son of God. (Reading the Koran on the subject, God sounds rather contemptuous that people would think that he would bear a son).
    5. There are some similarities in the religious rites, such as  fasting to repent and gain favour.
    6. Believers all think that they are the Chosen people, and everyone else is wrong.
    7. Similarities in the laws that are supposedly from God Himself.
    8. A system of reward and punishment from God for the things done.

I admire Judaism and Islam because they are unchanging, while Christianity is rather rock and roll, changing with the times, to please the masses. It’s from the most fundamental; the dates for religious festivals (for those who didn’t know, sorry to bust your bubble but Jesus wasn’t born on Dec 25th) or female and gay priests (point to note there was a reason why it was only men who became priests) to the superfluous; manner of dress allowed in church.

 Look at Islam and Judaism, they are pretty strict, upholding the values they deem important while Christianity tries not to offend people and thus accepts  all. I think that’s one of the reasons they’ve lost their pull in society. People make fun of Christianity and Jesus all the time (come on, you’ve seen them and laughed), while other religions are no-go zones. And it’s not all fear, but also offence. Jews and Muslims are more likely to be deeply offended if any aspect of their religion is ridiculed. Considering that Christians believe Jesus is God, shouldn’t they be more offended that people are making fun of their God? Times change, culture and the structure of life has changed; Christianity has adapted while the others stand firm.

Perhaps it’s the evolution of religion.

Then look at the Old Testament. The Jews decided that they were God’s People and killed everyone in their path. Then ‘the Jews killed Jesus’ (bad play on their part, if JC had lived a full life, would Christianity have really exist?), then the Romans(pagans) killed Christians, then Christians got their own back and killed Jews, pagans and Muslims alike. Well, guess who’s turn it is now.

Every religion thinks other religions are inferior, much like countries believe other nations are inferior.

Look at traditional African religion. It had lots of similarities with most major religions;

    1. Belief in One God
    2. Rules supposedly set by God Himself
    3. Angels and spirits
    4. An afterlife
    5. Belief that they had divine right over other people (when usually it was just a numbers game; military might)
    6. Polygamy
    7. Circumcision
    8. Sacrifices

And yet it didn’t seem worthy to keep.

History repeats itself over and over.

Ancient Romans, Greeks, Norse; Zeus, Apollo, Odin.

But this God that violent religious factions believe in I do not understand. On one side He is a generous and merciful God who pardons sins and answers prayers and on the other, there’s this God who would rather see a people obliterated or condones the killing of innocents and abundantly  rewards whoever commits these heinous acts.

Personally I don’t like this side of  God, if it truly exists, or maybe it is some interpretation f writing based on human nature to wage war to protect land, honour, rule and authority.

Or those religions that make women subservient to men. If you think about it there’s a lot of arrogance that goes into religion. Not only did God give the animals to man to do as he wished, but he picked a certain community that he would pay special attention to, walk hand in hand through life and communicate freely, never abandon and leave everyone else to make their own way. Plus this same God decides, ‘Let me give woman exactly the same things man has except a few body parts, and she will be his slave to do as he wishes without question or comment’.

Fascinating, this arrogance of man.

Religion fascinates me, much like anything else that causes conflict between people. Some people may view me as a fence sitter, but what sides are there to begin with? Isn’t it meant to be a fight between good and evil? God v. The Other Guy?

Judaism, Christianity, Islam. What does it matter?


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