The Morals of Cartoons

Let’s take a look at those cartoons that have thankfully been relegated to Boomerang.Tom and Jerry. Really? 50 years down the line and you haven’t caught him, give up Tom. Which reminds me, when I was in primo, the school sent a letter to parents detailing the evils of TV. They had a valid point, warning parents not to let kids watch the Young and the Restless and the Bold and the Beautiful, you know, the whole degradation of moral fibre and what not. But there was another entry on that list that at the time I did not agree with, but have since changed my view point and now see the point they were trying to make. It was Tom and Jerry. Laugh all you want, but really reflect on what it’s all about. It’s about a cat trying to capture, kill and possibly eat a mouse, as cats are naturally inclined to do. But this is a cunning mouse and proves a rather difficult task for the cat to do, thus the over 50 years of Tom and Jerry episodes. But let’s evaluate motives, who is at wrong here? The cat for doing what it is inclined to do and protect the household from vermin or the mouse, which lives in a hole in the wall (destroying the structural integrity of the house and property value), steals food and scares the owner of the house repeatedly? Everyone loves Jerry, he’s small and cute, but on the other side he’s a thieving, home-wrecking peeping tom!

But really, the reason it was added to the list is because of its violent nature. I mean really. Falling down the stairs, getting shot, getting shot out of a cannon, falling off buildings, attacked by other animals, hit by bats, metal bars and anything hard enough to leave an impression. If it was in reality form, you would definitely not let your kids watch it. But kids not only watch cartoons, but try to emulate them. I mean, look at Batman and Superman, the No. 1 merchandising cartoon franchises ever. But for those who can’t afford it…how many kids have jumped off roofs with sheets tied around their necks with the utmost belief that the suit can make them fly? Thank goodness Batman is just human! But seriously, every time Tom or Jerry get hurt, they bounce right back don’t they? But you fail to understand that kids don’t understand their mortality and the limits of the human body.

At least that’s what I think.


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