If You Think About It

America must be the most unsafe place on the planet with their wooden houses and gun mania. Okay, let me explain the wooden house bit. The number of people killed in their own houses by stray bullets, or doors kicked in by thugs or anyone really would be drastically reduced if they had cement houses like the rest of us 3rd world peoples.

Violence. It entertains if it isn’t happening to you or a loved one. I mean, how many times have you heard or even taken part in a conversation about crime? Or even accidents? And you found it bloody hilarious? World’s Dumbest (greatest show ever!) capitalises on the need to laugh at other people’s suffering, so do tabloids, well tabloids may be an deep seeded need to see successful and beautiful people fall from grace, but what’s the reason behind the other sort? Their saving grace is that on Smokin’ Gun, people may get hurt but they don’t die, but in our private chats behind closed doors, we find the most macabre crimes fascinating, we are quietly thrilled when something bad happens close-by, what is it? Are we bored? Look at gossip, affairs, divorces are the most delicious, why not anything else? Are our lives so dull that we must look at the misfortune of others to be stimulated? What is the world coming to?


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