The Evil in Movies

When is this Twilight business going to end? Or has it? Please tell me it has… I personally have never watched any but from what I’ve heard I see many flaws in the story line.
I must admit vampires and werewolves have always had their problems, really, from time immemorial…so that part’s true (almost a historical fact). But everyone knows, that when vampires and humans mix there’s mad beef. Even the choice of falling for a human doesn’t make sense, it would be like falling for a ham sandwich (mother always says; don’t play with your food). And falling for a human means that you have to change your diet, becoming weaker and subject to being targeted by other vampires . And its always the dude vampires who do this, look at Twilight peeps and Sebastian and Katherine (Vampire Diaries). Female vampires, if they are afflicted by such emotions towards a human (for they are mostly portrayed as vicious beings) would turn him, in a split second.

Have you watched ‘The Devil’s Advocate’? It starrs Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. Now this may not be categorized as a true horror coz there is a considerable lack of blood and gore, which is the numero uno reason I watched it. But it is still a horror, more of the psychological kind. The most horrific scene in the entire movie was when Al Pacino, playing the Devil, entered a cathedral (what!!!) and…check this out…dipped his fingers into holy water and made the sign of the cross!!!! Let me explain why I found this particularly horrifying… From past movies we know, and albeit a wishy-washy reference point, the church is a source of refuge and sanctuary from all things evil, you know, the devil, demons and vampires generally. Holy water and the cross are your armour and nothing can get to you as long as you have them on the ready, they disappear in a puff of smoke. Now enter this version of the Devil, and he is really good at playing the evil guy in most movies, thus very convincing, enters a church and touches holy water without fear or burning. For me that meant there is no safe place from which one can truly be safe from evil, and that’s scary.

There is evil in our home, evidenced from the number of children attacked by people they trust, on the streets, robbery and murder, in the work place, harassment and discrimination, in the social scene, all the above, and worst of all the religious places have turned into showcases of decadent behaviour. I am Catholic, not only in religion but in my belief in the Church. There was once I had actually considered becoming a nun, as it would offer me a sanctuary from all the evils in the world, but it seems that they are exposed to the treacherous world that we live in too. Maybe I was hoping that they would be like the convents of long ago, that offered such recluse, but nowadays it’s a business of recruiting young men and women to spread the word. And it’s not restricted to the Catholics only; all other denominations have their own methods of calling out to people to join their churches, much like multilevel marketing.

Remember the good old movies when we had to kill the vampires and the werewolves, not fall for them. When we had to slay demons, not join forces with them. I believe the movies industry is trying to change our perception of evil. We are drawn to sympathise with bad men, and the ‘good’ guys are no longer beyond reproach. The characters built around these are meant to mimic real life, which is okay, but I live in the real world. I don’t need to go to the movies to see what I see in the real world. There are no perfect lovers and men, there are no real patriotic spies, and there is no gentle souls left in the world. I mean, do you remember the good old action heroes of time gone? Van Dame, Bruce Lee, Steven Seagel , Sly Stallonne and even Arnold Schwarzenegger? They were guys you would watch and think, that’s the kinda guy I want on my side. They were all about the body being a temple, respect for women and only hurt the guilty. Now you have Jason Statham. Lordy, where to begin…the heroes of past are gone, and now we are left with half baked humans, who do drugs and alcohol, sleep around with hos (hoes?) and strippers and they are what the children of nowadays are meant to view as their heroes.

Now raise your glasses with me, and toast to our future, bleak and dark, with horrors lying in the shadows.


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