A Doomed People

We have basic natural law to guide our behaviour. But let’s analyse this. Every known natural law has a human law that contradicts it. Let’s take some of the 10 commandments as a basis. Not as a Christian, but every religion and culture has the same rules put in a different way, some stressing some more than others.
1. Honour your father and mother; kids can pretty much divorce their parents, I know some parents are bad, mean people, but others, not so much. And honouring parents doesn’t only involve obedience and listening to their advice. It also involves not bringing shame and disorder upon the household.
2. Do not kill; abortion, wars, we’ve pretty blown that one out of the water.
3. Do not commit adultery; abstinence is frowned upon, divorce is rampant..hello!?people, get your act together.
4. Do not steal; haha…there are too many examples of how people can legally steal from others, the invention of the contract I believe has something to do with it, being just and fair isn’t hip.
5. Do not bear false witness; lawyers, enough said.
6. Do not covet your neighbours wife and property; should that have been commandment numero uno, coz it explains murder, theft, lies, adultery, and dishonouring parents if there’s an inheritance to be had.

‘When the devil was sent out of heaven he asked God for a favour, that Man should be allowed to make his own laws’. The joke’s on us. We will soon be a lost people, with no morals and no truths left. There will be nothing good left within the human soul if we keep eroding away at the things that that make us human, humane.


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