“I must confess, I wrote these when I was as high as a kite”
Such subtle things in samurai jack . Like the episode where the children were hypnotized by music. Isn’t that’s happening now? People are enslaved by the music they listen to, like gangsters with hip hop, emos with rock. Aku did the exact same thing. And there’s one scene where the DJ spins the record backwards. You know the way they say about some rock songs, if you play the music backwards there’s a hypnotic message from the devil.
Then there’s another where the children went back to the town and destroyed property, like vandalism, graffiti; which is a correct representation of life on earth.
So cartoons aren’t all fake, they obviously have some elements of truth but I think I have taken it upon myself to look for the subtleties in the shows I watch, but I guess that’s what conspiracy buffs do also, so it’s NOT really special but interesting. As I’ve been told, by a crazy person, movies are a true representation of life, it’s just the ending that’s fake.

Think about it. The slang of everything. Be cool, fresh. The slang of each period. It mostly surrounds the kitchen appliances and the kitchen pretty much. Like, cool beans, you’re toast, dead meat. It’s all kitchen, the fridge, toaster, be cool. It’s the kitchen. Our lives mostly revolve around the kitchen. I wonder how much time a human spend in the kitchen on average; coz I think it’s a lot. It’s not as much as the bedroom and the sitting room or wherever it is they keep the tv, but it should be a huge amount.

I wonder where samurai jack get’s his endless supply of gis- that thing that he wears- and sandals. Coz there’s always something happening to them, it’s not like he sits down sewing, coz that would be bloody hilarious.

For once I want to watch something about Egypt that doesn’t involve the pharaohs, pyramids, scarabs and mummies. And not made by Egyptians, by Americans because people most probably still think they live in that age instead of having cities like Cairo and Alexandria. I admit I don’t know much about Egypt but I do know they have modern civilization and everyone else should know that instead of stereotyping them. It’s like saying Sweden is full of big bosomed prostitutes or the Swiss can’t make a decision (them being a non-affiliated state and all).


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