Figuring Out Art – The Layman Way

Abstract art isn’t art. Art expresses an emotion, a feeling, an event of an artist. A scene from a place he’s been or imagined, an emotion he has tried to express in his own way. It’s about the artist.

I guess abstract art is art from the perspective of evoking emotion and not confining the spaces which we exist. One painting can evoke laughter or tears, joy or suffering (for me it’s usually laughter and suffering in equal measure), and in others it triggers memories and thoughts that in turn affect our emotions.

Or perhaps, just as language has evolved, how artists express themselves has changed. A man in love then may have painted a nude painting of his beloved to express his appreciation of her beauty and sensuality while a man in love now may draw boxes in shades of red with black lips twisted in ecstasy to express the same.

The lengths artists take to produce art is amazing. Look at Salvador Dali. He used to wake himself just after he’s fallen asleep in order to capture his dreams and remember them. Now, artists take drugs; coke and weed mainly to stimulate their subconscious.

In the past, Artists were poor, endured hardship and were only famous when they were dead. Nowadays, art is business. And no offence, but commerce destroys everything. Look at Christmas.

Old painting; what you see is what you get. Now; art is whatever you want it to be. Maybe artists don’t want to turn away potential buyers by producing a painting that can only be seen in one way, but that which can be seen different in many eyes. Maybe it’s a representation of human individuality. How everyone can see the same event but draw different things from that one thing.

Also, I’m betting abstract art is especially difficult to forge or emulate. I wonder what they’ll be teaching in art school a few hundred years from now? I bet the kids then will think we were all a bunch of drug addicts, smoking weed and snorting coke.

Abstract art is silly. Historical art was intricate and you admired the workmanship plus the actual picture. But now with finger paintings, paint balloon popping, peeing on canvas, Prickasso I believe the age of using a brush and canvas will soon end.

Art is a representation of history at any time. What will abstract art show the future about today?


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