High School Democracy

The word of the millennia. The ‘In’ crowd. The best we’ve got so far.

Anyone who’s not democratic is not ‘cool’. That and capitalism are the ‘isht’, the perfect combo for the perfect country. It’s like high school. If you aren’t cool, you aren’t worth noticing. We all know the cool crowd has all the money and they throw the best parties, and only if they think you worthy, do they invite you to them. They always win Prom King and Queen, and School President, always run the school newspaper and radio. Have the principal on their side, and none of the teachers can touch any of them.

But check out China…the dark poetry guy, who hangs out by himself, and decides the cool crowd isn’t going to run the school anymore. He’s the guy who riles everyone up to stand up against the bullies. He starts small, calling out to the kids who are the outcasts like Cuba and Colombia then moving to the ‘Others’. The ‘Others’ are the kids who act like the ‘In’ crowd but aren’t quite there, they are democratic and capitalists, but have to follow the rules the bullies enforce on them. Like African states and Eastern Europe. The In crowd tries some damage control, saying how China is uncool and totally against everything the school stands for.

But China stands up and tells the rest of the school it’s time to remove the yoke that the In crowd has set on them. That they can wear whatever they want, hang out with whomever they want. Then there is a lag in his campaign coz some people are starting to doubt his motives.

Then in a shocking turn of events, some former In crowd guy starts leaking out info about the In crowd, about what they really think of the rest of the school, that the rest are a bunch of useless bastards who need to be milked for all they’ve got, that they cause friction between friends to split guys up and other underhanded activities to get ahead. With that the In crowd loses its influence, there are cracks in the foundation, they fall on each other and tear each other to pieces. And emo poet becomes the go-to guy. He forms a group that supposedly represent the interests of the other members of the school.

But power corrupts; and they will soon become the new In crowd.

The saga continues.


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