My Thoughts on Abortion

Dear Pro-Choicers,

Let me just start by saying ‘to each his own’. Every woman has a right to choose what happens to her body, who am I to judge if the choice is to kill another human being?

My problem with your entire scheme is this whole life begins at birth myth. Life begins at conception, and if you still hold fast to your belief then I presume you allow any child to be killed as long as it’s in the womb? 9 months, was it? There are those who say life begins after the first trimester, but let’s get serious, isn’t that like saying a sapling isn’t a tree?

Accept it, life begins at conception, and don’t just ignore the fact so you can stop feeling guilty. Yes, you support the killing of defenceless human beings, just be honest. I know it’s easier to think of an embryo as a mass of cells, like a tumour, that you can get rid of if you don’t want it, but don’t hide the fact it is where all life starts.

I know pro-lifers are an over-zealous lot, burning down abortion clinics and killing doctors, but look at it from their point of view. It’s like setting up a post-nazi gas chamber and expecting people to allow you to obliterate a race without a murmur. It is their duty to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

And making that decision is probably one of the hardest a woman has to make, but don’t lie to her. Tell her the truth, that for whatever reason she has decided to end it all, that she’s making a conscious choice to end a life.

The truth hurts.




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  1. jamesrigha says:

    Quiet an interesting insight into the ever contentious topic of abortion and it’s implications and as such I would like to share my thoughts on the matter albeit hoping I am not overextending the boundaries of my propriety.
    From what I read, I can infer that you are against the idea of abortion. Well I would like you to consider the following points of argument from a medical perspective. What if continuing the pregnancy would risk the life of the pregnant woman? what if the fetus is diagnosed intrapartum, with a life threatening congenital defect with a substantial risk of serious handicap or possible death? what if the child was conceived from an act of rape and the mother has no intend of bearing the baby of a person capable of committing such a heinous crime? Bearing these in mind, therapeutic abortion is a medical necessity (if its done to save the mother’s life or to prevent serious fetal handicap) not an atrocity like it is commonly depicted to be.

    1. cesskatisya says:

      I am against abortion in the cases where it is a frivolous excuse to shuck responsibilities. Medical abortions is a whole other story.

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