Magic Me

I must admit, I was once a magic buff. I’m not talking about the magic that Rodriguez (the guy on NTV at 4) has been doing since we were kids (which is pure physics and slight of hand ) but wand wielding, curse saying, potion making magic. I was afflicted after reading every Harry Potter book, 7 times, in turn. After each book, I would wish that I could somehow acquire magical powers coz it would make life so much simpler.
Imagine Kenyan life with real magic. School would be a breeze (have a goblin do your homework, or even a magic pen like Rita Skeeter’s). Work would be super easy (no computers with their silly QWERTY boards), but making money wouldn’t (coz everyone knows you can’t make money with magic ; it’s under the rule of constricted magic). Relationships would suck. How hard would it be for dudes to cheat if your gal could appear in your house without a moment’s notice, or worse still get your freak on if your mum can Apparate into your house when you have company; which would bring another architectural nightmare, coz we would all have to have chimneys, which in my opinion are quite hideous.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha, life would definitely be easier, though, there’s definitely some set backs.

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