What’s in a Name?

 “For I  had a blog named as such, but I feel that it still applies to me at this time”


That blog was called Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi. This is Kuchiki Byakuya’s Bankai. For all anime connoisseurs, you know who Byakuya is and what a Bankai is. For the rest, listen closely, i will only tell it once (though you could read it over and over again).


In Bleach, anime (animation) and manga (comic book), Byakuya is Captain of the 6th Division in Sereitei (Spirit world) and is of high nobility ranking. He is big brother to Rukia, who is one of the main characters. A Bankai is a released form of a Shinigami’s (Death god’s) Zanpakutou (sword) in which it transforms into its name, a manifestation of the spirit within. His Bankai is one of the strongest there is. Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi in English can be loosely interpreted as Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms.


What’s in a name? Why did I call my blog after a powerful manifestation, albeit of a fictional nature?


I wanted the blog to be a display of the different aspects of my life, my thoughts and my experiences. Cherry blossoms symbolise to me beauty and vibrancy. In Japanese culture, sakura (cherry blossoms) are much celebrated and symbolise the transience of life because of their extremely short blooming duration. Falling blossoms are considered to be metaphors for fallen warriors who died bravely in a battle.


Life is short. Enjoy. Bloom. And when the time comes, let the world watch a beloved flower float to the heavens in glorious light.


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