So let’s assume the Bible is fact (shhh…I’m trying to make a point). There’s a school of thought that says that everything has already been decided by God (I know, I know) and all we do is follow the script under the guise of free will.

Think about it, what if Adam and Eve never defied God? What if the Pharaoh didn’t enslave the Israelites? What if Judas never betrayed Jesus? I mean God conveniently created an imperfect angel who would fall, who would tempt the first humans (who writes this stuff!?), and cause the fall of the human race. And all the tribulations that follow are just from that. And it’s not like God made a mistake, which is more improbable than a black swan, so it means He created Lucifer, knowing full well what would happen. Meaning we were doomed from the start.

The Pharaoh? I believe it is said that God hardened his heart during the time of the plagues and kept the Israelites. If he hadn’t, and the Pharaoh had folded after the first Plague, it wouldn’t have been that great an episode in Jewish history. It wouldn’t have given the people the unshakable belief that they were the Chosen ones, they probably wouldn’t have left Egypt, they wouldn’t have found the Promised Land, conquered people and lands alike to become the powerful nation that they were.

And Judas? He was predestined to betray Jesus for the good of the human race, and yet we remember him in the worst light. If he hadn’t, Jesus would have lived a full life, not been crucified, thus dying to save us and not fulfilling the prophesy. We would still be waiting for our Saviour.

For Christianity to exist, Lucifer, Adam, Pharaoh and Judas must have existed. There had to be sacrifices. And it was them. Every story needs a antagonist, otherwise the Bible would be a dull read and Christianity would never have arisen. Events and consequences alike wouldn’t be as we know them now.

Don’t forget the little people, ye people of Christ.


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  1. gitts says:

    contrary to popular belief Lucifer is Not the ‘devil’ people interpreted prophecies regarding the king of Babylon to refer to a fallen angel who became Satan. I used to think the same until I had a look at Isaiah 14 where the word appears

    1. cesskatisya says:

      Hmmm …explains the Freemasonry thing as well. Thanks for the clear up. So Satan and Lucifer are two different fallen angels?

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