Why are we even talking about this? (The Mini-skirt Storo)

I believe the miniskirt came into being, historically that is, by a shortage of material during the 70’s leading to this particular fashion item. Is there a shortage somewhere and we haven’t been told about? Do the high school chicks have some inside scoop on a worldwide shortage of cloth? Perhaps the incoming invasion of cloth eating aliens? And have such decided to make this move to miniskirt uniforms as a precautionary measure, corner the market perhaps? No? it was worth a sho(r)t. So let’s analyse this logically. I thought uniforms were meant to portray uniformity, that whichever creed, race and class you belong to , within the schools walls, all students would be treated equally. Okay, let’s throw that one out of the window coz obviously some religious peeps won’t allow their daughters to join the Playboy mansion. I presume this sudden inspiration could come from anime and manga that portray hot Japanese chicks in school uniforms and are subsequently officially the number one fantasy of any hot blooded male. Point to note, and this is just from my observation, all those girls are young, leggy and probably size 2 downwards. Now explain to me how a young Kenyan girl, who was blessed with more curves than she has use for and has been on a diet of ugali and beans for the past 4 years intends to pass off that look? It’s like those women who wear skinny jeans or tights against everyone’s advisement. So let’s say they do get this miniskirt storo accepted, they would have to change their diet coz unless you want to look like some overweight whore, you got’s to lose that weight. Point to note, Japan has the craziest sex profile, possibly in the world, guess we are trying to nudge them off the top spot (top a list that’s not on corruption? right on!). And really how does this affect the high school boy (aside from the need to hide boners 24/7)? What are we really teaching them? Judge the value of a woman by how much skin she shows? Maybe, join a mixed school and it will be like having your personal Playboy mansion? And while they are at it, why don’t they ask for bikinis to be the official swim suit wear for swim meets (while we are throwing propriety out of the window)? For a country that hasn’t exactly grasped equality and respect for women to its entirety, this is ill advised. Isn’t the most common excuse used by rapists that “she was asking for it” because she was wearing something scandalous? And these aren’t women, they are girls, they have no means of protecting themselves, then you throw them in the direction of hormonal teenage boys, what do you expect? If this thing comes into being, most girls’ schools will change their uniforms to trousers, costs incurred coutesy of parents, kids will be having more sex, willing and unwilling, teenage pregnancies won’t even be the beginning of the problem, STDs and a new generation of messed up adults will . And while we are at it, why don’t we legalize prostitution and pornography coz you can’t use the whole ” let’s protect african morality” argument anymore, let everyone have their fun. The age of the ladies is gone and we are all screwed (them, literarily).


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