Faking It and Violence

This week’s Briefcase episode on KTN promises to be violent. Do you know what happens to a girl rolling her eyes at her grandmother who still has the agility to chase her down? I bet the next scene will be the child receiving a backhand with the same force as a round house kick. Don’t mess with grandma.

So about this strike deal…didn’t all ya’ll say that there was no money as it was used to pay for the army dudes. So did KNUT hear some rumor about the Treasury, about certain money that had been illegally earmarked for something else, underground, in the dark. So to keep quiet about the deal, they get what they want? Then they settled for slightly less so the Treasury keeps face. Theories, theories.

The same thing with WWF (see how I moved from government matters to performance art). So I decided wrestling is real. No, no listen. Okay, the young-lings really fake it, with reduced force behind every punch. Even those of knee each other in the groin, it’s not real. I’ve seen a man kneed in the groin, let’s just say he didn’t get up anytime soon, lying in a fetal position and crying. Unless they have balls of steel. But the oldies, I mean look at the hammer fights, and with bats, the cage matches, where guys are beaten to a pulp, and you can’t fake that. There are no blood packs that burst open like the movies. No this is real. And when they are let out in a stretcher, its for real. Now the drama seems to be the most fake part of it all. For the young-lings, yes. But with the oldies, maybe not. If one stole the title for another, there is real hate. Coz it will lead to a loss of income. How? Every wrestler has a brand and the higher they climb, the more kids buy their branded material. So it actually affects them. But why don’t they kill them in the real life?  Maybe for the simple reason that the ring provides a legitimate venue to put some hurting on their foes.

And that brings me to my theory that celebrities aren’t real. What if being a celebrity is a job and not a way of life? What if celeb couples are just pretending to be married as celeb marriages are expected, but they truly are married to other people and have families away from the public eye? Imagine that, what if those kids they have are just child actors. Then there are those who are for real…like that silly Kim Kardashian with her sex videos plus others who are silly enough to have real celeb to celeb relations  and aren’t in the loop.

I think reality is a perception, everyone is a fake, don’t trust TV or politicians or people.

This entire blog is based on watching the Truman show, freaky stuff that (and maybe slightly inebriated).


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