Out of Interest Talks

Out of Interest Talks are held on each Monday of the month at 11:00 a.m. It is an open forum for speakers to present their ideas, provide information or just motivate the audience towards a particular action. It is held at Westgate, at the Artcaffe on 1st floor.

In March, there were 3 open forums;
On the 14th of March, Bonnie Kim, a motivational speaker and business coach had a presentation on “How to become bigger than the obstacles along your destiny”. He took the audience through the obstacles people face such as not accepting reality, refusing to take responsibility and the lack of reflection before one reacts. He fosters a positive attitude and discipline in his message. Bonnie is also an accomplished writer with 2 published books.
On the 21st of March, Zachary Kamau presented on “Finding purpose amidst clutter”. He explained how many people have yet to find their purpose and are just in a rat race looking for money and security rather than true happiness. Service to others seems to be the main cause of happiness, as it abolishes selfishness and leads to a greater feeling of achievement and contentment. He also went through the emotional obstacles that block people from their purpose which should be impactful at best.
On the 28th of March, Bitonga Nyatome, the CEO of House of Health focused on “Weight Loss; The Natural Way”. She took a look at the various factors that could cause weight gain or those that hinder weight loss. She fosters health and good eating habits as the major ways in which to lose (or even gain) weight naturally.

On the 4th of April, Liz Baregu, a Zumba fitness instructor, will take the audience through “Dance your way to a fitter sexier you”.

Hope to see you at Artcaffe, Westgate on Monday at 11:00 a.m.

Entry is free.


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