ICC Shenanigans

There’s no happy news for Kenyans right now. With the drought, the rise in fuel prices and the eventual rise in commodity prices, one more thing seems to remain constantly bad through the times, continuing to be the bane of our existence. This issue has been the proverbial unspeakable itch in our pants, causes great discomfort but no matter what we do, it’s still there, causing more and more embarrassing moments for the country. I’m talking about the ICC shenanigans that have plagued us for years now.
The Ocampo 6 (sounds like a boy band (interesting how there are no women in that group, I wonder why)) are due to go to trial next month i.e. April. Most of the public is slightly sceptic on whether or not they will actually go and whether they will actually be part of a fair trial. I mean, look at Bashir, walks around like he owns the planet, and he has a WHOLE warrant of arrest on his head. At least these guys were only summoned. Ask Taylor, free food and board for technically his whole life, what more could anyone ask for? Unless, their fate will be like Sadaam’s, then they have things to worry about.
Ocampo (the main man) being efficient as usual, had a video conference with the journalists in Nairobi recently to keep them (and the general population) in the loop as to what’s happening in terms of preparation for the trial and the procedures and processes that the defendants would have to go through in the trial. All this information is important because we’ll be able to follow the trial, knowing what is meant to happen and when. Hopefully with this information, we, the Kenyan people would be able to judge if the trial is going according to plan, uninterrupted, uncompromised, free and fair. We would like to know for sure what happened for brother to turn against brother more than 2 years ago, who is to blame and for them to be punished accordingly. All this would be for the benefit of those who are left behind to make sure that this never happens again, and by removing the people who caused the clashes the 1st time around, it could act as a deterrent for any politician left around, for them to act appropriately, not propagating hate speech and tribal influenced voting, as the election period draws closer.
One thing, though, that caught my attention is that he said it would be up to the Kenyan Government to decide whether or not the Ocampo 6 (who still hold offices in power) will keep their jobs. Kind Sir, why do you think we are sending them to you? This is because the current government is unable to decide on anything that would adversely affect any men in positions of power, and they usually change their minds soon after, so you really can’t leave it to them to decide. Look at Kalonzo; spending tax payers’ money travelling the world trying to get support so that the case can be moved out of the ICC’s jurisdiction, he even went to the UN. Accordingly, we look like fools to the rest of the world. It’s called the Intl. CRIMINAL Court because the people who go there are CRIMINALS (or at least are until proven innocent)!
They should just go, peacefully (interesting choice of word, considering) and prove their innocence, since they are the only ones who truly believe (without a doubt) that they are.
Well, my message to the Ocampo 6, Farewell, and don’t let the door knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya.


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