X FM, The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Interesting, that saying is, why sliced bread? Really, how bad was life that sliced bread was a big deal?…but to more important matters…X FM!!!!! Officially the greatest thing on the waves (at least from the rockers point of view)!
Fareed Khimani should be made King of the World…he’s hot, funny and utterly EVIL!!! The Rude Awakening (6am-10am) is filled with sarcasm and general mean spiritness that one should be appalled at if it wasn’t incredibly funny. Classic example, Fareed is a regular Dr Evil (interesting how most evil masterminds are doctors, there should be a more stringent rules on who we let into schools)!!Anyway Fareed is hilarious!!! And he has super interesting people he talks to, my fave being Malinero, the super gay guy!! That guy makes double entendre seem innocent!! At least Fareed has a not so secret admirer!!
Moving on, Rabbia, the sweet chick with the high moral standards. It’s so hard to listen to her, after Fareed has jaded you to the world for 4 hrs straight, this fresh, naive girl comes into the pic to kinda look at the bright and sunny side to life, applying her inclinations to all situations…
Then there’s Kerry Marine, with the deep sultry voice who introduces you to the new rock making the rounds. Informative, rarely listened to though….
And last, and very much the least, Sonu Alwallia (I presume that’s how it’s spelt)…from day one, he should have been chucked to allow for a rockalised (that’s what I call being knowledgeable on all matters rock) and generally more interesting individual to take us through the journey that is rock.


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