Aesthetic Intelligence

What is it? A brand of intelligence (newly studied) that bridges the gap between emotional intelligence and logic.
But can you really call the appreciation of all things beautiful, intelligence?
The Latin verb “intellegere,” which, if translated, would mean “to understand” is the root word for intelligence, to understand the deeper meaning, to gain insight into. Aesthetic Intelligence is being able to see and understand the hidden meaning of beauty.

Beauty. Subjective or objective? Can one man see beauty and another be revolted, is beauty universal? An image, a vision of pure beauty can be said to ebb and flow in the waves of the universe, forever, eternally in beauty.
Beauty is not only seen, but touched, heard, tasted but felt in its movement within the being that experiences it. Beauty moves people, it evokes emotions and passions, it reminds you of the past, the present and lights the path to the future.
Unlearn in order to understand, to look without judgement, only then would one be able to see…no, sense real beauty, unprejudiced in the ways of the world, looking upon form and colour, letting it speak to you. Will you listen?

Tell me what it says.


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